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Fascinated with technology and motivated by film – Artist Africa is staying above the crowd.

Our cinematographic experience in directing and video editing forged our filming style, and technological advances have provided us with creatively expanded boundaries. Artist Africa always creates with the final edit in mind and embraces the vital elements required to creatively and efficiently provide our customers with the highest quality product.

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 Based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Video Editing 

Much more than taking footage and placing it together for perceived continuity, video editing is the final revision of the script. It provides the rhythm audiences subconsciously feel, creating the structure and form from a mass of media. Effective editing is used to inform an audience, giving a film it’s value. It creates tension, generates emotion, causes laughter and ultimately, takes the viewers’ breath away.

Drone Cinematography

We use aerial drones equipped with high quality cameras.

Video and still camera footage, once only accessible to large budgets and pigeons, is now available for a variety of shoots including corporate and entertainment events, promotional footage and music videos.

Who we are

Artist Africa

Artist Africa – Barry Smit.

Passionate about all things film, Barry Smit began wading through the deep end of the video editing pool 9 years ago. He spent his early years learning from the talented team from Top Billing and Tswelopele Productions.

Strong work ethics instilled and coffee consumed, he learned to never sacrifice quality or creativity for a quick turnaround time.

Barry has adhered to this mantra ever since, furthering his career and completing projects with The Expresso Morning Show and Ginkgo Agency.

Switching to freelance work in 2013 allowed the satisfaction of working on a variety of projects ranging in style, genre and budget, with clients including VW, Singita Private Game Lodges and Mitchum.

The formation of Artist Africa was the natural progression for Barry’s adventure in film.

Easily adaptable to all project requirements, Artist Africa value their clients and believe conversation is key to understanding. So ‘chit chat’s’ are welcomed and  pow-wow’s are encouraged! Contact us for a meeting to discuss ideas for your next film project, big or small, on the ground or in the air.

Artist Africa – Craig Kilroe

Craig started his video editing career at Tswelopele Productions and that’s where he met Artist Africa founder Barry Smit. The pair first worked together on the Expresso Show in 2010 and this was ‘When Barry Met Sally’ um…Craig. Craig learned to deal with heavy pressure and meet difficult deadlines as part of an ambitious post-production team. He also produced some work on the live show by way of promos and inserts on Expresso’s morning offering.

Craig decided to move on from Expresso after honing his craft there for three years. He spent the following year gaining experience and acquiring skills on a TV series and Craig has been part of the Artist Africa furniture ever since.

When he was not producing high-quality content for Artist Africa, Craig used his wacky sense of humour and digital acumen to provide current, cutting-edge content for clients. He specialises in the production and editing of TV series and short profile pieces.

Craig’s experience in production, editing and directing mean that he brings an extra edge to Artist Africa, making it a full production company as opposed to one merely involved in post-production. He has worked closely with advertising agencies, bringing client brands and stories to life through video. His work for high-end brands VW and Discovery speaks for itself.


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